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My Thoughts and Life

08 August 10

Ok, we have been basically just riding the horses and working.

In July we had a week of vacation, so we went on a camping trip. That was my first car camping trip ever. I put up some images here. Now I love car camping. We went to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, in the Green Valley campgrounds. We brought my stepdad's tent and sleeping bags, because we didn't want to buy them if we didn't like camping. We ended up liking it so much that we bought our own sleeping bags and tent, the Kelty Buttress 6. I think the tent is a little big for us, but Jeff is happy with it. (he is 6'3" and can stand up in it!) We are going to go camping with a group of friends on 8/27-8/29 and again with my stepdad on 9/10-9/12.

Other than camping, we are going to be busy busy busy. We are going up to Jeff's parents next weekend, for their anniversary party. Then, on 8/20, we are going to go to the Best of San Diego 2010 party. We went to the 2009 one and it was a blast!

Well I hope I remember to take pictures, and post about everything, but I really might forget to...

02 June 10

Not as long since I have last wrote, 6 months, I am getting better at this. :)

  1. a lot of snowboarding
  2. we have fixed Pinky's sacroiliac
  3. we found that Smarty has head shaking syndrome, cheack out a site for the syndrome here
  4. trying to find a solution to make Smarty's syndrome better
  5. Jeff and I got engaged, see our wedding site here
  6. do a lot of wedding planning
  7. had our engagement party
It dosn't look like a lot, but I have been very busy!

08 December 09

Again, quiet a while since I have written. Since I have last wrote I have done a lot of things:(in order)

  1. I have been promoted in my job
  2. broke up with my boyfriend Jeff
  3. moved to Oceanside
  4. moved Pinky to Oceanside
  5. dated some boring guys
  6. got back with Jeff, who changed a lot between us breaking up and now
  7. moved Pinky to Del Mar
  8. moved in with Jeff in Lucadia
  9. did a lot of small shows with Pinky
  10. was about to do a bigger Arabian show with Pinky, but he came up lame
  11. started snowboarding
  12. Helped Jeff pick out a horse named Smarty, I get to ride Smarty a lot
  13. Jeff and I moved into my fathers, we want to fix up his house and maybe get property for our horses with him
  14. brought my horse to the equine hospital to get a full body nuclear scan to see why he is still lame, and found out it was because of an inflamed sacroiliac
  15. fixing his sacroiliac, that reminds me I have to call the vet
Well that was a very fast list of what has happened in the last 2.5 years of my life. Hopefully I can remember to write here more often.

05 May 07

WOW it has been quite a while since I have updated this. I got a job in Carlsbad, moved to Cardiff By The Sea and just today moved my horse to a really nice place in Carlsbad. I am enjoying my job now, because I have enought work to keep me busy. I used to keep on asking for more work. I really enjoy living in Cardiff. I love to be close enough to the beach to walk to it, if I am not too lazy to. The only problem I was having since I moved was that my horse was still in the International Equestrian Center in the Country Estates, my mom and her husband were taking care of my horse for me alot. I would usually only see him every other day on the weekdays and both weekend days. That was because I would have to drive for one hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half to get to the Country Estates from my work. Now I moved him about ten minutes from work. This new barn has some things about it that the International Equestrian Center didn't have. In Pinky's old barn he could not put his head out of the stall. we had to feed Pinky and clean the stalls ourselves. In Pinky's new barn he can stick his head out into the barn isle, and they have someone to feed the horse breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and clean the stalls twice a day. Well that is about it, I am very tired from trailering and from lack of sleep.

06 December 06

Yesterday I took my last final for a while, I am graduating from Cal Poly Pomoma this quarter. I am so excited. I am going to cheack out of my on-campus apartment thingy and go back to San Diego on thursday, because I have to wait for Jeff to take his last final, which is on thursday. I have decided to try to find a job now and go back to school later to get my Masters. In the meantime I want to start teaching myslef some more programming languages, starting with Ruby. My undergraduate seminar was on the past, present, and future of programming languages, and I ended up learning a little bit about a lot of languages and some of them sounded interesting to learn.

18 November 06

An update on what I got for my birthday, Jeffrey got me and installed a ipod hookup thingy for my car stereo! Well this weekend I have been creating my oral report for class and that is about it. I did have a great ride on my horse yesterday and am about to go out and ride him today. This weekend is the weeked that Jeffrey is not with me in San Diego :( but it probably is better that way, because I wouldn't have any time for him anyways, because of the report that I am writing. I guess that I will go to the stables now and ride Pinky.

14 November 06

Today is my birthday! I celebrated my birthday with my mom, father, stepdad, and Jeffrey on the weekend, because I was down in San Diego with Jeff. It was fun, we all went to George's At The Cove on Saturday, it was kinda a last minute thing. We were going to eat somewhere else, but when I called on friday I couldn't get decent reservations. I decided to call George's and they said that they had only a couple reservations left for Saturday at 5ish. I had a great dinner, and everyone else enjoyed their meal also. We ended up arriving at dinner early, so we walked around La Jolla for a little bit and I found the cutest tiara in a store, which my mom bought me for my birthday and I was princess for that day(well some may say I think that I am princess always). Well now that I am talking about what my mom got me for my birthday, here is what else she got me, well we have been going shopping recently, so I could say clothes, a Juicy Couture neclace, and the cutest handbag which is the Juicy Couture 'Baby Fluffy' Handbag in black. Jeff got me an adorable Juicy neclace, a charm from Juicy which was a snowflake that is very sparkly, and a cute giraffe. Jeff and I also went and took photos at Reyman Photography for my birthday. Lastly, my dad freed me from all debt I owed him, which was because I paied off my credit card with his checkbook and never was having time to transfer my money to his account. My birthday weekend was great, but now I turned 27 :( ahhhhhhhhh.

Now that I got my birthday talk out of the way what else have I been doing? I have been trying to finish up my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona. I go down to San Diego every week on Thurs through Sun to see my horse, Jeff comes down with me almost every other weekend. That is about all. Well I am off to get ready to go meet Jeff for lunch on campus and then go to my GUI class.

21 august 06

My life is kinda on the busy side, if you count my laziness. Since I drive to San Diego every week I have been loosing out on time. I drive down there on wednesdays or thursdays, just depends on if Jeff comes with me or not, so the day I drive down to San Diego I basically just see my horse if it is thurs, and basically not do much if it is wednesday. The reason for this is that if I drive down thurs I usually do it after seeing Jeff, so all I have time for is to see my horse and then relax from all the driving. If it is on wednesday it is after a late class, so I really don't want to do much after classes and driving. In San Diego I get kinda lazy and would rather go to the beach, sit and watch tv(or movies) at home, or even occasionally shop than do homework. I usually try to get some homework done on the weekend at San Diego, but I usually end up pushing some of it off for when I get back to Pomona on Sunday evening. So my sundays get kinda busy with the seeing of Pinky, my horse, driving, and doing homework. Monday's aren't so bad, basically going to school and relaxing, and Tuesdays I don't have anything to do other than see Jeff, maybe go to the beach on some tues and just hang out others. Well ok my life dosn't seem that busy, but the time is seeming to go by quick. I am almost done with this quarter, this week is the week before finals, which I only have one final during finals week. Next quarter will be my last quarter. It is going to be a little bit of a fuller quarter, I am going to take three classes that are 4 units each, and one class that is 2 unit. I don't think that it will be that bad. I am also moving my horse closer to my mom's house, which will make things easier in san diego. My mom lives in Ramona and my horse lives in san diego, which is a 45 minute drive. Other news, which is a bit more on the sad side, Daisy had to be put down a little bit ago. She was having a problem with her lungs filling up with fluid. Well it is about time for me to go and sleep, it is midnight:30 right now and I have to get up for class in the morning (well I have to get up at like 8:30 for a 10:00 class).

26 june 06

Hey, or "Hay" as my horse put's it, I am back!!! Well I have been too busy with school and other stuff to make a new website. I decided that I needed to throw away the old and start anew. I am for the most part happy. I am still in Cal Poly Pomona studying Computer Science. I will be graduating in December. I moved my horse back to San Diego at the beginning of Summer quarter. My mom takes care of him on monday through thursday. I go see him on thursday through sunday, and I drive back up to school on sunday night. I like this arrangement a lot better than living in Pomona all of the time. If you don't know Cal Poly and it's surroundings it is horriable. Pomona is not the greatest place to live if you are off of the school. There is alot of smog and nothing to do. I love going down to San Diego every weekend. I don't know if I am going to write updates that much here, because I don't think that my life is interesting enough to tell people about, but if there is anything interesting that happens, or something that is on my mind I will post it here. I am not done creating my website, so I will be adding a photo album and maybe some other stuff.

I almost forgot about news about my pets. My horse, Pinky, is doing ok. A while ago we found out that he has arthritis, he limps a little from it. The arthritis is doing ok. I have been having the vet give him a shot of legend and a shot of glucosamine a month. I also have been feeding him Equinyl GL and HylaMotion by Vita Flex for his arthritis. I still ride him for about an hour to two hours on thursdays through sundays. My dog, Daisy, has cancer and was going though chemotherapy, but the chemo isn't working as well anymore.

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